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Sprouts Program
The Blum Center is a proud sponsor of the Sprouts Program, a student led food literacy and sustainability program. 
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Seed Grant Winners
Meet the winners of our 2017 seed grants for research in food security. 
Welcome to the Blum Center
Part of the UC Blum Federation, the Blum Center at UC Merced promotes food security and access to healthy food at UC Merced and in vulnerable populations across the region. 



The Blum Center at UC Merced is focused on promoting access to healthy food on campus as well as in vulnerable populations across the region.

UC Merced's Blum Center will be hosting events throughout the week of November 11th - November 19th for Homelessness Awareness week, so look out for...

Featured News

October 17, 2017
[View the story "2017 World Food Day at UC Merced " on Storify]
Professor Clarissa Nobile wearing a blue lab coat, teal-colored gloves, and safety goggles leans against a bench in her laboratory.
October 10, 2017
Professor Clarissa Nobile received the NIH Outstanding Investigator Award to study microbial communities.
Five students gathered around a table in front of a large glass building. The two students in the foreground are facing each other, with one holding an iPad and the other interacting with the iPad's screen.
September 21, 2017
UC Merced launched a new Ph.D. program in public health.
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