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CropMobster Merced County


The University of California, Merced has partnered with CropMobster, a free online food and agricultural exchange and community engagement program. CropMobster has its roots on a Sonoma County farm where a farmer noticed food was being wasted and decided to create a Facebook update with a picture of the food and a sale offer at a deep discount. The post went viral, a mom came and purchased the food and distributed it to her neighborhood.
From there it has grown and it recently launched in Merced County in a partnership with the University of California, Merced to help address some of the major issues in our area such as food insecurity, food waste, unemployment and more.  CropMobster’s missions are to reduce food insecurity, support our community partners, reduce food waste, help people find jobs, build local leaders and get people excited about the food system.  
We can have even more impact with your support. To sign up for FREE, simply go to and create an account. From there you post alerts, share alerts and take advantage of alerts by contacting the trader. You can Like us on Facebook at CropMobster Merced and on Twitter at @MercedCropMob