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Apply Now! 2018 Blum Center Summer Institute
Applications are now being accepted for our 2018 undergraduate Summer Institute on agriculture! 
Ready for Spring Break?
Students and Faculty: Check out these food resources available to prepare you for spring break! 
Extended Deadline! 2018 Seed Grants
Applications are now being accepted for 2018-18 Blum Center seed grants. Apply by April 6th. 
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Symposium Success
Thank you to all our 2017 Food Security Symposium participants and attendees. 



The Blum Center at UC Merced is focused on promoting access to healthy food on campus as well as in vulnerable populations across the region.

UC Merced Undergraduates! Apply now for our 2018 Summer Institute, an intenstive one week course on Agriculture in the Central Valley. Meals,...

Featured News

Multi-well dish with pink liquid inside.
April 4, 2018
Research from Professor Fabian Filipp finds that cancer can rewire its own metabolism to become chemotherapy-resistant.
Professor Susana Ramirez
March 22, 2018
A new study from Professor Susana Ramirez explains why healthy-eating messages targeting assimilated Latinas might not be working.
March 5, 2018
UC Merced scientists identified a protein in brain cells that's essential for producing key features of alcohol addiction.
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