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Looking for Food Resources?
Students and Faculty: Check out these resources available on campus year round! 
2nd Annual Blum Center Symposium
Our 2nd annual symposium, held in December 2018, highlighted green communities
Announcing our 2018-19 Seed Grant Winners
Congratulations to the eight winners of 2018-19 seed grant awards. 
Welcome to the Blum Center
Part of the UC Blum Federation, the Blum Center at UC Merced promotes food security and access to healthy food at UC Merced and in vulnerable populations across the region. 


From 2016 to 2018, The Blum Center at UC Merced focused on promoting access to healthy food on campus as well as in vulnerable populations across the region.
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Featured News

July 2, 2024
Anmol Kaur is ready to make a splash in the worlds of science and medicine. The Bakersfield resident, coming to UC Merced as a first-year student, parlayed strong experiences in high school into a...
Professor Kinjal Dasbiswas
June 27, 2024

A group of researchers, including physicists from UC Merced, has made discoveries about the mechanics of blood clots that could help in the development of biomaterials for tissue engineering and...

AI generated image of restrictions to money flowing from one thing to another
June 12, 2024
A study of fast-tracked government funds uncovered bottlenecks at federal, university and community levels that undermined partnerships. Researchers, including UC Merced Professor Nancy Burke, made...
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